Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fashion Post?

I'm cracking up with that title, hence the question mark. I'm definitely NOT a fashion blogger. Not even close. My closet is filled with mostly yoga pants, t-shirts, and flip flops. But I did find a few things I've been looking for lately (clothes-wise) and thought I'd share. The three things I'll be talking about today are Capris, Pixie Pants, and Camisoles.

First up is the capri pants. I know, I know...they're probably not even in style anymore, but I really don't care. They're a nice alternative to shorts and great for wearing around the house or for quick trips. I've never really followed big fashion trends anyway...big surprise. Ha! 

My main problem with pants these days is that I don't like all the low rise trends. I mean...like I hate low rise pants. They are far too low for this 40 something mom and they just keep falling down on me. 

Do you know how hard it is to find something that ISN'T low rise??? I mean, I don't want total "mom jeans" but would it be too much to ask that I don't put on a show every time I bend over? Lol!

Well, I found them and I'm here to share with you. You're welcome. :) 

I was browsing the Sunday paper recently and came across the Sears ad. Okay, I just lost a few of you, didn't I? You're like "Sears??? Really???" I know. I was just as surprised, but they showed some capris in their ad and they looked like they would work and wouldn't be too low. 

So off to Sears I went. Here's where I might lose a few more of you...they are Gloria Vanderbilt brand. I know! I haven't worn those since I was in 6th grade in the 80's. Remember her famous signature on the back pocket? I once heard Anderson Cooper (who's just a few years older than me) say he was mortified when all the girls in his class wore jeans with his mom's name across their bums. Ha ha!

For those of you too young to remember the Gloria Vanderbilt craze of the 80's, she designed some blue jeans that were all the rage. They all had different color stitching down the outside of the leg and they had the famous swan stitched on the front pocket. And of course, her signature on the back pocket. 

I honestly didn't even know Gloria Vanderbilt still had a clothes line, but she does. And don't worry...they don't have her name across the back pocket anymore, or anywhere else that's visible. 

They're called the Jordyn Embellished Capri and here's a link to them at Sears:

And here's a (slightly fuzzy) pic from the Sears website:

The pic makes them look pretty short, but they're not that short on me and I'm 5'7". I think Kohl's also carries them, just so you know. 

Sears constantly has them on sale, so you can usually get them for just under $25. I got them in three colors (rinse wash, brown and vanilla)

I will say that the vanilla (khaki) ones seem to run a bit big. I ended up returning them for a smaller size than the other colors. 

Here's the deal...They AREN'T low rise. They DON'T fall down as you walk around. And you're NOT constantly having to pull them up AND they hit at your natural waist, NOT way down low on your hips. Love that! 

Oh, and here's why they call them an "embellished" capri...

See the little bling on the back pockets? Cute, huh? 

Next up is the famous Old Navy Pixie Pants. I cannot say enough about these! I love them!!! I heard about them from two sources recently. One was Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles and the other was a sweet Instagram friend @stylishschoolteacher. Y'all really should follow both these ladies on IG. The Stylish School Teacher posts her outfits almost daily and I love her style. Every one of her outfits is something I would totally wear. Which is probably slightly weird since I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to be her mom. :) 

So, here's a link to the Pixie Pants at Old Navy:

And here's a pic from the Old Navy site:

Now, be sure you're looking at the "Pixie mid-rise ankle pants" and NOT the "Pixie CHINOS." I have no experience with the Pixie Chinos, so I can't vouch for them. 

Everyone seems to love these pants, so I just had to see for myself. I just happened to go to the Old Navy site to have a look and imagine my surprise when I saw they were having a 24 hr. sale and they were 40% off!!! (Apparently they're on sale all the time) As if that didn't seal the deal, I started reading reviews. When I came across one that basically said "They say these are mid-rise...wrong! They should call these 'grandma rise' because they are so high!" I was like "Sold!!!" Hee hee! Y'all...I was so happy to hear these WEREN'T low rise! I know that may turn off many of you, but I was totally happy that they were a higher rise. :) Plus, I haven't worn anything tucked in for...well...as long as I can remember, so nobody sees how high my pants really are anyway. Ha!

They are regularly about $35, but with the sale, I got them for $21! I wasn't sure of the size, so I ordered four colors in three different sizes each! So, yes, I had TWELVE pixie pants delivered to my door. Ha ha!

They do stretch a bit, so if they're a little snug, don't worry. They are kind of like a legging, but not that tight fitting. These pants are so comfy! It's like wearing pajamas all day long. Just like the Jordyn capris, they're not low rise (they come to just under my belly button) they don't fall down, and you're not constantly having to tug and pull them up. 

They come in lots of colors AND patterns. I was a little too chicken to order any patterns, so I stuck with solids. I ordered Life's a Peach (pictured above, love that name!) Robbie Red (which is very daring in my little fashion world) Black, and Rolled Oats. I really want to try the Black/Silver Houndstooth next. Gasp! 

Now for the camisoles. I have been on a mission lately 
(actually for about 6 months now) to find an old school cami. You know, like the ones we used to have years ago that are made of a silky material and loose fitting. Well, all I have been able to find are micro fiber ones (or tank tops) that are very clingy or basically what amounts to a Spanx product. No thanks. 

It's so hot here that the last thing I want is another layer of something clinging to my skin in the summer. I searched high and low and finally found them at...drum roll please...Kmart. Yup. I couldn't believe it myself. Here's a link:

And here's a pic from the Kmart site:

This is exactly what I've been looking for. It's silky, soft material doesn't cling to your skin at all. It's loose fitting and runs about $8. What a great price! I haven't been inside a Kmart for probably 20 years, but when I did a search online, this one kept coming up, so I clicked over and fell in love. :) 

I ordered it in white and black and it's just perfect. You know how you have those shirts that you're like "Hmm...I wonder if this is a little see through...maybe I need to wear a cami under this?" Yep, this fits the bill and you won't even know it's under there. Have y'all figured out by now that I'm all about comfort? Always have been. :) 

Oh, and before I go, remember the maxi skirt I talked about HERE? So soft and made of t-shirt material. Remember...comfy. ;) Well, I finally got the Walmart link to work, so here's the link to the $10 shirred maxi skirt that comes in all kinds of colors and patterns:

And here's a pic from the Walmart site:

Okay, you probably won't see another "fashion post" from me for awhile. I'm all stocked up on clothes now, so I'll be back to my regular decor posts soon...just after I order that skirt in yellow. ;) Oh, and I just ordered some cute summer shoes I'll share with you soon. You won't believe how inexpensive they were. But after that, I'll be done shopping for awhile. I think. ;) 

Y'all have a good day!



  1. That's so funny, Lisa..I am not a fashion poster either and today I posted a dress I bought on Instagram! Sometimes, I just have to decorate me! ;) I agree 100% with the low rise stinks sentiment. I am not a fan! I When I find something that I like and that is not dangling off my hips, I buy. Now you have me intrigued and I am off to check out the links. I could use some new stuff! Can't wait for your shoe post. I really need those!!

  2. I love the Loft high waist jeans...they come in skinny and straight. They are frequently 50% off and they are so cute!! That's my uniform. ;)

  3. Great ideas ~ thanks for sharing! I'm wayyyy beyond low rise anything. Also, no clingy clothes! Not just because of the heat but my figure. :) I'm looking for some comfy clothes. Just realized how much I got rid of last fall!


  4. Love this and the inexpensive finds. I know you're stocked up but Walmart has some cute camisoles in prints and solids for around $6.00.

    1. Thank you so much! Walmart gets me every time with their great prices! I need to go check out those camis...

  5. The Pucie in black with white dots is to die for. Just FYI.

  6. Those clothes look cute! I still have some capri pants that I wear. They're denim. I think if the stores still sell them, then they must still be in style! Thanks for sharing all of your sources.

  7. I don't follow fashion trends either...in clothing!! I wear what I'm comfortable and am usually a year behind! lol! I'd much rather wear my paint clothes anyway... thx for sharing, friend! Hope your week is going great! xo
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    1. Good to know I'm not the only one who's all about comfort! I'm usually a year (or two, or three) behind too! :)

  8. Loved this post, Lisa! I also hate low rise pants! That feeling like your pants are falling down with every step you take. Horrible! LOL My problem is also always the hips, I have no hips to fill out most of the pants I find that I like. So, between that and the low rise, my shopping trips never end well. LOL Thank you for all the tips. I will be checking out these pants. Have a great weekend. Maria

  9. I love your fashion finds. These three items are mainstays in my closet. I'll always love capris. Longer shorts are all over the place now so maybe I'll try some of those but my upper thighs need a little exercise!

    Thanks for the info on the low rise. I love Kohl's; the Sonoma, Ralph Lauren and Apt. 9 brands. You're pretty much going to find a higher rise if you shop in woman's departments.

    Question about the capris from Sears. I'm short so they will probably hit mid calf on me. That's okay. What I hate is when they are really loose (or wide) on the bottom---like short bellbottoms! I have returned so many computer orders because of that. How are these?

    Jane BTW Are you watching any of the Hallmark Mysteries? I'm hooked. Love the Garage Sale ones!! :)))

  10. Those blouses are so cute....I refer to those as peasant blouses! The other tops are super-cute, too.



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